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Aura Double Bead Bracelet Silver Sunstone 1 - Jewellery Shops Online - Bowerbird Jewels

Aura Double Bead Bracelet


The Aura double bead bracelet features a double row of three different gemstones thoughtfully selected for their beauty and crystal properties. Delicate natural crystal beads are interwoven with sterling silver beads and hand threaded on durable nylon cord for strength and flexibility.

Available in Sterling Silver

□ Length 15.5 + 5cm extender

□ Gemstones - Sunstone, Blue Lace Agate and Labradorite

□ Nickel free and hypoallergenic

□ Sent in our signature gift packaging 

□ Free shipping for orders over $70 within Australia 

□ Easy Peasy Free Returns 

Blue Lace Agate - The stabilising stone. Blue lace agate is incredibly supportive and grounding helping to stabilise energy. It has a smooth energy that washes over the aura, and mutes tensions across the field to promote harmony throughout all chakras. Using agate during times of unbalance, when it feels as if your yin and yang are out of proportion, can reintroduce equilibrium to your tempered soul. It is also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. Affirmation: “I relinquish all stress from my mind, body and soul"

Sunstone - The stone of light. Not surprisingly, the sunstone crystal properties are connected to the energy of the sun. It teaches you to treat everyday as a chance to live life to the fullest. Slow down a bit so you can savour the good times and hold onto those happy moments in the tougher times. Sunstone has a positive effect on the mind and the emotions, inspiring faith and increasing spiritual awakening. It helps you clear away limitations and negative energies by replacing them with light and high vibrations. Affirmation: "I am whole and happy"

Labradorite - The magician. It is believed that the stone was created from frozen fire, a result of the norther lights. With its pearly hues that shimmer in a range of spectral colours, the labradorite crystal reminds us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. It encourages us to keep our head in the clouds. Labradorite awakens you to this deep inner consciousness, a world where your creativity has infinite possibilities. Affirmation: “I know my purpose and can achieve my dreams.”