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Choosing the perfect jewellery gift

Choosing the perfect jewellery gift

We know there’s a lot of pressure on buying a piece as intimate as jewellery for someone else, but truly it’s a gift that is so appreciated at this time of year.

This holiday season, we could all use something a little sparkly to brighten our mood. Most of us are running into the end of the year, tired and fried and more than a bit over it all. There’s nothing like a beautiful gift at Christmas to make your loved ones smile and feel a bit special.


We know there’s a lot of pressure on buying a piece as intimate as jewellery for someone else, but truly it’s a gift that is so appreciated at this time of year. So here are our top considerations for choosing gorgeous jewellery for your favourite person this silly season.



Think about colour

If you know your favourite person's colour, it makes it all a bit easier, but more often than not we are looking for clues. Look at the colours they wear in their favourite outfit, or think about their favourite pair of statement earrings and what kind of metal they are made of. Bear these things in mind when you’re browsing through our collection and see if a particular colour screams out to you!


Think about gemstones

If your bestie is a true water baby and can’t live more than 10kms from the ocean, chances are she will love beautiful pearls. If she wants to spend all her time in the mountains, choose gemstones that have more natural tones, like amazonite and opalite. The gemstones you choose are not only about the colour they bring to your favourite jewellery pieces, but how the piece feels for the wearer.


Think about style

Are they modern and a bit edgy? Do they only wear chunky rings? Have they been layering necklaces since before it was cool? Thinking about the style of your loved one is a guaranteed way to make sure that the gift you give will be both well appreciated and well worn. Choose pieces you think will compliment outfits they’ve worn when they’ve been with you, or pieces that really embody a particular style or approach to fashion and life!


Think about the piece.

Have you seen them wear a bracelet? Do they avoid chunky earrings at all costs? Do they love a long statement necklace? The type of piece you choose is as important as the style of it! If your lovely friend is one of those gals who only wears her engagement ring on her hands, chances are she will love a bold earring. If she loves a fine ring, add a few to her collection that she can mix and match in a new stack for summer. We want our jewels to be worn, so let’s choose pieces you know someone special will LOVE!


We hope you’ve gotten a bit of guidance out of this post for your Christmas Gifts in 2021, but if you’re truly struggling you can always purchase one of our beautiful gift cards and your favourite person can choose the piece they would like best from our collection! Shop Gift Vouchers here.

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Wishing you a happy holidays and a bright and shiny new year in 2022 from the team here at Bowerbird Jewels!


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