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Our Story


About Us

Bowerbird Jewels brings a blend of modern style and classic elegance, crafting sophisticated jewellery primarily from the precious metal’s gold and silver, using a mix of traditional techniques and cutting-edge methods. Our collection stays up-to-date with today's trends while also honouring the heartfelt moments that make life special. With over 30 years of wholesale jewellery experience, Bowerbird Jewels is all about a lifelong dedication to the beauty of jewellery and gemstones. It all started when our founder Annah, followed her passion for jewellery design after leaving school, diving into the fascinating worlds of gemmology and diamond technology, eventually finding a passion in diamonds and sourcing for major industry names. Through her journey she also gained a deep love for working with precious metals and modern manufacturing methods, allowing her to create demi- fine jewellery that seamlessly blends current trends, creativity and affordability.

Our Jewellery

 At Bowerbird Jewels, our design process is ongoing and fuelled by inspiration from various sources: nature's beauty, architectural elegance, global issues and customer ideas. It's the combination of these diverse influences that ignites our creativity and lays the foundation for each distinctive piece we bring to life.

Our ideas begin as simple hand sketches before we dive into the exciting world of advanced technologies like CAD design and 3D printing. Our talented artisans work their magic, turning these initial concepts into intricate designs with care and precision. We take our time to chat with our customers, ensuring every piece reflects their wishes and style. Sustainability is our one of our key values and why we select Responsible Jewellery Council (RJS) partners, we're committed to sourcing materials responsibly and reducing our environmental impact. From handpicking gemstones to matching the perfect colours, every decision in our process is made thoughtfully. Our skilled jewellers then bring these designs to life, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to ensure perfection. And before any piece leaves our workshop, it undergoes rigorous inspection to make sure it meets our high standards. It's this dedication to excellence and sustainability that makes our jewellery enduring and beautiful.

 Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

 At Bowerbird Jewels, we prioritise Sustainability, Fair Work, and Transparency. While we strive for perfection, we continuously learn and seek better, more responsible processes wherever possible. Our dedication lies in creating thoughtfully sourced jewellery with minimal environmental impact and promoting conscious consumption. Unlike fast fashion jewellery that often ends up as landfill after just one season, our collections are crafted from sterling silver and gold, materials that can be refined and recycled.

All our diamonds adhere to conflict-free standards as per the Kimberley Process, while our gemstones are ethically sourced from trusted dealers or directly from mines. Although we aim to use recycled metal in our designs whenever feasible, we acknowledge that achieving 100% recycled content may not always be possible.

Our packaging is made from paper products, and we encourage customers to return it for reuse. All items are wrapped in recycled paper and shipped in recycled cartons.

In our workshop, recycling is a top priority. We ensure that all cardboard, paper packaging, and plastic are recycled or reused multiple times over. We also believe in fair compensation for staff and employees, both within our team and throughout our supply chain. With our extensive experience in the jewellery industry, we've built trusted relationships with our suppliers.

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We prioritise ethically sourced materials and eco-conscious production methods, ensuring that we minimise our environmental impact while upholding the highest standards of quality and style. Embracing sustainable practices isn't just about creating stunning jewellery; it's about safeguarding the planet for future generations.