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Our jewellery is how we tell our story - through precious talismans with subtle meaning and symbolism that we identify with and understand.

Bowerbird Jewels is modern, but with a nod to traditional influences and made from precious metals. Trend driven, sentimental pieces, mementoes that mark occasions and experiences in the wearer's life. Jewels that are valued not only for their physical worth but more importantly, the meaning with which they were given or bought but the feelings and memories they evoke when worn.

Bowerbird Jewels is the result of a 25 year love affair with jewellery and gemstones. After leaving school with an enthusiasm to be creative and searching for a medium to communicate my artistic voice, I commenced a jewellery design course exposing me to the infinite possibilities of jewellery making.

Nights were dedicated to studying the incredible world of gemstones and diamonds with Gemology and Diamond Technology. This passion lead to an illustrious career in diamonds, selling and sourcing for some of the biggest names in the jewellery industry. My journey soon led to jewellery production, to understand the true speciality of precious metals and how new techniques could be used to bring true artistic design to life.

Frustrated with the lack of eloquence and the prohibitive prices for bespoke pieces that were able to withstand the test of time, I knew I had to develop designs that were luxurious without the high price tags, but still held sentimental value. Add a pinch of nostalgia and Bowerbird Jewels was born.

Bowerbird Jewels is honoured to design and source unique jewellery; jewellery that will become heirlooms to cherish and pass on to your children. We are helping you create your special collection of shiny jewels, uniquely for you.