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Responsible Sourcing

At Bowerbird Jewels, we prioritise Sustainability, Fair Work, and Transparency. While we strive for perfection, we continuously learn and seek better, more responsible processes wherever possible. Our dedication lies in creating thoughtfully sourced jewellery with minimal environmental impact and promoting conscious consumption. Unlike fast fashion jewellery that often ends up as landfill after just one season, our collections are crafted from sterling silver and gold, materials that can be refined and recycled.

All our diamonds adhere to conflict-free standards as per the Kimberley Process, while our gemstones are ethically sourced from trusted dealers or directly from mines. Although we aim to use recycled metal in our designs whenever feasible, we acknowledge that achieving 100% recycled content may not always be possible.

Our packaging is made from paper products, and we encourage customers to return it for reuse. All items are wrapped in recycled paper and shipped in recycled cartons.

In our workshop, recycling is a top priority. We ensure that all cardboard, paper packaging, and plastic are recycled or reused multiple times over. We also believe in fair compensation for staff and employees, both within our team and throughout our supply chain. With our extensive experience in the jewellery industry, we've built trusted relationships with our suppliers.

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We prioritise ethically sourced materials and eco-conscious production methods, ensuring that we minimise our environmental impact while upholding the highest standards of quality and style. Embracing sustainable practices isn't just about creating stunning jewellery; it's about safeguarding the planet for future generations.


 Return - Recycle - Reuse

To further support our respect for the planet and continued efforts to use recycled metals wherever possible, we have set up a Return, Recycle and Reuse Program. Customers can drop off or send us any silver or gold unwanted, broken jewellery, single earrings etc, that they no longer need or want. Whilst their value as single items is small, we can collect and refine the metal so it can be reused again.

 We plan to donate 100% of the proceeds from the outturn to ocean conservation and removing plastic from our oceans. Additionally, the metal can now be reused to make new jewellery without further impacting our planet. Every time we make a donation, we will make sure to let you know through our social media channels. 

 If you have any silver or gold jewellery that you would like to donate, please drop it to us at our various market locations, or you can post to:

Bowerbird - Return, Recycle and Reuse Program

PO Box 189 Sylvania Southgate

NSW 2221