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About Us

Bowerbird Jewels is the result of a 30-year passion for jewellery and gemstones. After finishing school, the founder Annah discovered her love for creativity and pursued a jewellery design course to express her artistic voice. This led her to explore the limitless potential of jewellery making.

Annah's passion for gemstones and diamonds led her to study Gemmology and Diamond Technology during her nights. She eventually pursued a career in the diamond industry, selling and sourcing for some of the biggest names in jewellery. Her journey further led her to jewellery production, where she learned about precious metals and explored new techniques to bring unique artistic designs to life.

Frustrated with the lack of eloquence and the prohibitive prices for bespoke pieces that could withstand the test of time, Annah knew she had to do something herself. So, she developed her luxurious designs without the high price tags that would still hold sentimental value for the customers but wearable enough to wear every day. Add a pinch of nostalgia, and Bowerbird Jewels was born.

At Bowerbird Jewels, our pieces are designed to represent our personal stories with precious talismans. These pieces incorporate subtle meanings and symbols we can relate to and comprehend. Each item is modern but with a touch of traditional influence and crafted from precious metals.

While the jewellery is trend-driven, it's also sentimental, serving as mementos to commemorate important occasions and experiences in the wearer's life. The value of these jewels lies not only in their physical worth but, more significantly, in the emotions and memories they evoke when worn, based on the meaning behind their acquisition or gifting.

At Bowerbird Jewels, we take pride in designing and sourcing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that will be cherished and passed down as family heirlooms. We are dedicated to helping you curate a special collection of sparkling jewels that are uniquely yours.