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Classic symbolism

Classic symbolism

The meaning behind some of our favourite signs and symbols that seem to make their way into our collection each season...

Signs and symbols are significant and meaningful in everyday life, particularly in modern life. They’ve been used since the dawn of human history to ward off bad energy, offer protection and encourage good energy to take up residence on your person. In jewellery, these signs and symbols allow us to showcase our individuality and demonstrate our values and beliefs in a very overt way, in a way that feels authentic to our true self.


We often get asked about the meaning behind the symbols that seem to sneak their way into our collections, and so we thought we would share some of our favourites with you this month on our journal. We hope you find a symbol that resonates with you personally, that you can wear and take with you into your next season, no matter what it brings.




The Ankh represented eternal life in Ancient Egypt and is commonly referred to as the Key of Life. This truly ancient symbol is believed to bring the wearer good luck in this life and the next. It was a favourite of Cleopatras and can be used to symbolise the union of male and female, fertility and future life, as well as life in the present. Use the Ankh to inspire you to live each day as it presents itself, with one eye on the future.

Wear your Ankh as a necklace or as earrings from our current collection.



The classic symbol of hope and faith, we have stocked a range of cross pieces over the years in our Bowerbird Jewels collection. Not just for those who have a firm Christian or Catholic faith, the cross can bring a little peace, faith and serenity to your daily wear.


Wear the Cross as a simple pendant or a comfortable, everyday huggie earrings.



Evil Eye

One of our favourite signs and symbols, the Evil Eye is known to ward off bad spirits and bad energy from it’s wearer. This symbol dates back more than 3,000 years and it is known that by carrying an evil eye charm its said to magically bestow good luck, heath and happiness to its beholder by keeping evil spirits away.

Protect yourself with our Evil Eye Studs and Huggie Earrings.



Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an ancient symbol that represents well-being, healing and protection. It’s been a common motif used in amulets and necklaces since around 2,000 BC, worn by kings and queens to give them vitality and a love for life. We could all use a bit more well-being right now, so wear our stunning Eye of Horus Necklace to remind you to take care – of yourself and those around you.


Minds Eye

The Minds Eye, not to be confused with the Evil Eye, incorporates radiating lines of the eye shape. Known to be the symbol of sight, clarity and intuition, this symbol empowers the wearer to see to the heart of any matter, encourages imagination and reminds you to trust your intuition, even if you can’t quite make sense of what it’s trying to tell you. Bring these qualities into your daily life with our Minds Eye Necklace and Minds Eye Huggie Earrings


Rising Sun

The rising sun is a symbol that reminds us that not only are brighter days coming, but that each day is a chance to start afresh. It’s a new chance to start that habit, break that habit, view the world in a more generous way, and a reminder of hope, that the darkness cannot last forever. Bring a little sunshine into your day with our Rising Sun Pendant. 



Historically serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. They are symbols of rebirth, transformation and healing, all qualities that we would love to embody in our move out of Covid life. If you’re moving into a new season of life, the serpent may be the perfect symbol to remind you that we too can shed our outer layers and let go of those things that are holding back our growth. A daily reminder from an elevated daily wear like our Serpent Studs may be the encouragement you need at this moment in life.



Stars shine bright in our jewellery collection, reminding us of all that is bright and sparkly in the world – good luck, ambition, purity, simplicity and general positivity. Bring some of the best energy to your day and shine bright like the night sky while wearing our Twinkling Stars earrings or necklace


No matter whether you’re trying to showcase your beliefs, embody a better version of yourself, add a layer of protection or simply want to wear beautiful shapes, knowing the meaning behind the signs and symbols we wear daily can add a layer of comfort for anyone needing a little something extra right now. Shop the complete Bowerbirds Jewels collection on our website, wear the symbols that resonate with you proudly and bring your best self into this new season!

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