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Is Jewellery Really Waterproof?

Is Jewellery Really Waterproof?

At Bowerbird Jewels, we believe in the beauty and durability of our pieces, and we want to help you make informed choices about your jewellery. One common misconception we often see are the claims of "waterproof" jewellery. Let's clear the air on this topic.


Is Jewellery Really Waterproof?

Unless it's solid gold and sterling silver, no jewellery can truly be considered waterproof. Even high-quality pieces like gold-filled, gold-plated or vermeil items can be affected by water over time. While solid gold is resistant to tarnish and water damage, other metals require a bit more care to maintain their shine. There is a LOT of misinformation out there, with claims of waterproof and stainless steel jewellery which are extremely misleading, as these pieces will tarnish over time too.

Why should you listen to us?

With 30 years of experience in the Australian wholesale jewellery industry focused on gemstone and precious metal manufacturing, we are well qualified to set the record straight on common misconceptions, such as the idea of "waterproof" jewellery. We care about our customers and strive to be honest and trustworthy, helping you make informed choices to enjoy your jewellery for years to come.

Why Our Jewellery Stands Out?

Sterling Silver: Our sterling silver pieces are crafted to resist tarnish and with proper care they will last for years. While showering is generally fine, we recommend removing them before swimming in chlorinated water, as chlorine can sometimes react with silver. Regular polishing can remove any tarnish and keep them looking their best for longer.
Gold-Filled: Gold-filled jewellery offers a beautiful and durable option, containing a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal. While more resistant to tarnishing and wear than gold-plated pieces, it's still best to avoid prolonged exposure to water.
Gold-Plated: Our gold-plated pieces have a stunning finish but require careful handling. Regular exposure to water can cause the plating to wear off over time. Removing your gold-plated jewellery before water activities will help preserve its shine.
Vermeil: Vermeil jewellery, similar to gold-plated but with much thicker plating over sterling silver, provides an elegant and durable choice. However, like gold-plated pieces, it's important to avoid prolonged exposure to water to maintain their lustre.

How to Care for Your Jewellery?

To ensure your Bowerbird Jewels remain radiant:
• Remove jewellery before showering or swimming, especially in chlorinated water.
• Store pieces in a dry, cool place when not in use.
• Clean gently with a soft cloth to maintain their beauty
• Keep the anti-tarnish tab that comes with your jewellery to help keep moisture and tarnish away.

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