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Exploring a world of [freshwater] pearls

In the latest Bowerbird Jewels collection, we have featured beautiful freshwater pearls heavily in new designs and styles designed to delight as we head into the summer months here in Sydney. We have featured several freshwater pearl styles and wanted to give our Birds a bit of an overview of the different kinds of freshwater pearls you can get as part of our new collection.


If you’re not sure how to best care for your beautiful unique freshwater pearls, make sure you check out one of our earlier journals here.



Rice Pearls

The favourite darling of those who love minimal and fine jewellery, the rice pearl is one of the smaller styles of Freshwater pearl, but still packs enough punch to be a feature in a number of our new collection styles. These delicate freshwater pearls look incredible enmasse like you see in our Kefi Yellow Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings, or take front and centre in our Wanderlust Pearl Choker Necklace, the perfect edition to your summer wardrobe.




Seed Pearls

If delicate is the look you’re going for, look no further than stunning seed pearls. Think stacking bracelets layered with these small lustrous gemstones and mixing and matching styles like our Lucent Seed Pearl Layering Bracelet and Fika Gold Bracelet.




Baroque Pearls

One of the most unique and artistic styles of freshwater pearl, the baroque pearl is one that is perfectly imperfect. They’re completely irregular in shape and size, they often have a dented and uneven surface but have incredible lustre and colour. For those with artistic or creative friends, our Arcane Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings are the ultimate compliment to their personal style and approach to life. Our complete range of Baroque Pearl Earrings is only available at our Market locations, so make sure you check us out on Instagram to find out where we are going to be this week!




Coin Pearl

Coin pearls are becoming one of the hottest styles of the moment with their more perfect, flat round shape. We see them truly on show in our Ukiyo Pearl Drop Necklace + Bracelet, and these pieces are some of our favourite layering styles with their pretty paperclip chain style. The coin pearl is infinitely wearable, sitting flat against your neckline or wrist.


Many of the pieces in our new collection featuring freshwater pearls are now being custom-made in our studio, allowing you to pick your perfect combination of gemstones, freshwater pearls and your favourite metal to create something that is truly unique to you, or an incredibly unique gift for a loved one. Shop our complete range of freshwater pearl jewellery on the website today + make sure to share the love online by tagging us @bowerbirdjewel

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