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How to: Build an Ear Stack

How to: Build an Ear Stack

Ear stacks are one of the easiest ways to elevate your every day look, by combining gemstone studshuggiesstatement earrings and super fine metal studs to create a look that is uniquely yours. 

Ear stacks are one of the easiest ways to elevate your every day look, by combining gemstone studs, huggies, statement earrings and super fine metal studs to create a look that is uniquely yours. Most ladies we know have more than one piercing in their ears, and so why not take advantage of that to create a truly custom look! Here are our top tips for building the perfect ear stack:



  1. Start with your statement earring

Start with the earring that’s going to have the most impact – and that’s usually in your lobe! Whether it’s a big and bold hoop, a true statement earring or a unique stud shape, start with whatever is going to live in your 1sts, and work up the ear from there.


  1. Think about scale

To create that perfectly curated earring stack look, you don’t want all of your jewellery to be the same size. Let the ear guide you – your ear gradually curves and the space you have to affix an earring shrinks, so work from biggest to smallest crawling up the ear for the most cohesive look. That doesn’t mean you have to only have small studs in your 2nds and 3rds – oh no! But they should be relative in size and scale to the earring in your 1sts and 3rds.


  1. Mix and match

Mix and match metals, gemstones, style, detail and colour to create a look that is truly your own. If you love the lustre of yellow gold, use it throughout your stack and incorporate a mix of gemstones and finishes to give interest. If you’re all about Opalite, mix your metals from silver to yellow gold and use Opalite as your hero in your stack. If you’re mixing plain metals, think texture and add Bubble Huggie Earrings or our favourite Yellow Gold Filled 3 Ball Stud Earrings to add interest and complexity.


  1. Use them all

    If you’ve got piercings, fill them with jewellery we say! Don’t limit your stack to just your lobes and seconds, think about your rook, helix and tragus piercings too. It’s about curating a complete look, so don’t forget these piercings and leave them feeling unloved!


If you’re loving ear stacks, we’ve got your back. Bowerbird Jewels sells a huge range of earrings, from tiny studs perfect for your tragus or 3rds through to big bold statement earrings that you can plan your stack around. Shop the entire range of Bowerbird Jewels Earrings on the website and start stacking!

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