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HOW TO: Clean Your Rings

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This is one of the simplest hacks we can share with our beautiful Birds, but it’s one that makes an incredible difference to the way your jewellery looks.

Most of us don’t consider all the gross things our hands are doing all day. Whether it’s putting on makeup in the morning, cooking, grabbing things out of your little one’s mouth - there’s always plenty going on with your hands. And that means plenty of gunk in and around your rings. Soon enough, they lose their sparkle, you get a bit of blackness on the underside of your gemstones and everything just isn’t quite as shiny and sparkly as you want it to be.

But there’s a super simple solution and it’s hanging out in your bathroom. Grab a toothbrush, preferably an older, softer, natural one (rather than one that is currently in regular use!) and a little hand soap and get to work. You’re not trying to scrub at your rings, but more like polish away the dirt and debris, they have built up over time. So think soft, circular motions all over your rings, while paying special attention to the topside and the underside of your gemstones. Once you’ve been at it for a few minutes, rinse off any soap remnants (as if you don’t do this your rings will just be dull anyway with all that soap scum left on them) and dry off with a towel.

From here you want to get a simple silver cleaning cloth (ask any of our team at the markets for one and we can sort you out!) and polish the last of the water spots off your ring – this is key to getting them back into shiny sparkly shape as quick as possible. Et Voila! Back to their original brilliance, no special equipment required.

While cleaning your rings is super easy, the easier thing is to not get them so dirty in the first place. So take them off when you cook or with particularly dirty jobs like cleaning or playdough (we know, we know – you’re going to forget sometimes) to help them stay shiny and fabulous for longer.

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