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How to layer your necklaces

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Layering your necklaces is an easy way to take something simple and make it completely and uniquely yours. Much like stacking rings before them, layering necklaces are really popular at the moment and are offering the opportunity for our beautiful Birds to create looks that transcend the seasons and allow you to express yourself in a whole new set of ways.


Layered necklaces look amazing with simple summer cami’s, layered over a long sleeved top in the cooler months or stacked over a Little Black Dress for a night out. It’s such a wearable style, but a lot of you have told us you don’t know where to start – so we’ve got the answers for you!


layering necklaces bowerbird jewels australia gold jewellery

Here’s how you layer necklaces to look chic and stylish.


  1. Think length

The key to layering necklaces is using different lengths to create drama. You don’t want all your necklaces to be the same length, you want to play with different layers from close to your throat to about mid chest. By playing with different lengths you create interest and draw attention to different areas of the body.


  1. Work on a theme

If you’re nervous about layering, think on a theme. Start with our Moon and Stars Necklace, and layer in additional star charms or moon charms in different metals to give you that layering look. The similar shapes will make the whole look come together easily and you can then work out what you do or don’t like in this look moving forward.


  1. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Mixing your metals is absolutely fine when you’re laying necklaces, and so is mixing up your charms or adding in gemstones. This is all about creating a look that is unique to you, so layer your favourite pieces and stack what feels good to you! Mix it up by incorporating a few minimal, thin necklaces with a larger pendant piece that acts as the “star” of your layer.


  1. Don’t be afraid to repeat!

If you absolutely love a certain charm, like our Floating Heart Pendant, then grab it in a few metals. Layering a couple of the same charm alongside another different piece can add really interesting depth to your layering. Wearing multiple Polished Disc necklaces together, in different metals and varying the length, is a super cool way to create a totally unique look. After all, if you love something – why not have it in every colour?


Some quick easy wins.

Sometimes you want some really quick and easy ways to implement a new style in your wardrobe. Here’s our favourite hacks for layering necklaces.

  • Mix 2 different minimal necklaces of a similar length in the same metal for an easy-to-wear every day look.,
  • If you’re going for 3 or more necklaces, have one or two up near your throat and the third longer over your decolletage.
  • You can always pair a choker with a longer necklace for an easy win
  • If you’re nervous about this style, wear all the same metal. The cohesiveness of one colour, like yellow gold, will keep things looking intentional.


There are absolutely no rules when layering necklaces, that’s part of the fun! The real trick is working out what you like, what pieces work together and what complements the outfit you’re wearing on the day. It might take a little trial and error, and that’s OK! Give it a go, buy pieces you love and wear them together. We would love to see how you’re layering your Bowerbird Pieces together, so make sure you share your selfies on Instagram using the tag @bowerbirdjewel or #bowerbirdjewels

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