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HOW TO: Tighten Your Butterfly Back's for Earrings

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Most of us will know someone or have experienced it ourselves – the loss of beautiful, valuable earrings due to a dodgy butterfly clip on the back. The heartache at losing your favorite jewels over something so small is huge, but we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Standard studs with posts and butterflies are always going to become loose with everyday wear. Pulling them off and putting them back on every week or every day is going to create warps in the metal, that’s just the nature of things. Add to that sleeping in your studs, and you’re bound to lose one in your bedsheets sometime soon.

If you look at the butterfly on any pair of studs from the side, you will see it looks like two small circles or Minnie Mouse ears that clasp the post. The hole through the butterfly simply guides the post, but its these two circles of metal that actually holds the post secure in your ear. These circles come apart as you push the stud post in and out of them repeatedly, and that’s what makes the butterfly loose, stopping it from gripping the post as tightly and putting your precious jewels at risk.

By gently squeezing the two circles of metal back together, either with fine pliers or a very strong finger grip, the circles will close together and make the grip on your stud post nice and tight again. The team at Bowerbird Jewels are always happy to tighten your butterflies for you if you’re having serious trouble with them – just come to any of our markets and speak to the team and we can get them sorted. But it really is the simplest thing to sort yourself.

This is one of the reasons why we always use butterflies on our Bowerbird Jewel earrings – they are able to be tightened and adjusted, unlike other earring backs which once they are loose are just done for good. Like all the best things in life - your car, your relationship, your hair – your jewellery needs to be maintained so it looks its best and so you don’t your beautiful earrings in the shower or dashing from place to place. Take a bit of time this weekend to go through your jewellery, everything from chains to earrings and necklaces, and give everything a look over to make sure it’s in its best condition ahead of your days and nights out. Thank us later!

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