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How to wear coloured gemstones and jewellery

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Have you checked out the latest pieces from Bowerbird on our website yet? We know so many of you are loving our latest drop of styles, and one of the things that holds this new collection together is that these pieces are all so colourful!


Our summer collection is made of our signature metals and gorgeous designs, but incorporates lots of coloured gemstones and beads to allow you to mix and match colour and textures to create a look that is all your own. We are absolutely loving all this colour in our collection, and our Birds are too!


We’ve had a few questions since the launch of the collection on how to work coloured jewellery pieces into your wardrobe without looking like a parrot yourself, and so we thought we would share our top 3 tips with you today on wearing bright colours in your jewellery pieces.


  1. Coordinate your colours
    Whether you’re wearing a whole tonal blue outfit (think blue jeans, navy shirt and aquamarine gemstone jewellery) or going with complimentary colours (so switching the aquamarine gemstone jewellery out for pinks or gold), think about the colours you are wearing. We suggest keeping your jewellery in either a tonal or complimenting colour palette to your jewellery and making sure that the pieces you’re layering for your look work together. Think about colour families – cool or warm tones work well together, so if you’re wearing multiple jewellery pieces, try to keep your colours in the same family. Wearing bright pink earrings, a blue bracelet, green rings and an orange-stoned ring along with a bright yellow dress is a great way to end up in parrot territory – but hey, that might be your look too!


  1. Pick a hero – clothes or jewellery
    The most plain or simple outfit can absolutely shine when paired with the right accessories. If your clothes are simple, go for big, bright colourful pieces. Stack your bracelets, layer your necklaces and go big with your earrings. If your clothing is really bright and colourful, choose coordinating, tonal colours for your jewellery that compliment but don’t shout over your outfit.
  2. Choose your moment
    Think about where you’re going and how to use colour to highlight the mood of your event. Fancy dinner with the husband? One or two pieces of jewellery is great, with just a touch of colour. Day in the sunshine with the girls? Stack your bracelets and rings high, add a red lip and you’re off! Mardi Gras party? Absolutely anything goes, chuck it all on and shine bright like a disco ball. WHERE you’re wearing your jewellery is absolutely just as important as with what.


Bright and colourful jewellery pieces are absolutely on trend and some of our faves for summer. But the most important rule of all in any kind of wardrobe is that THERE ARE NO RULES. If you want to shine like a bowerbird surrounded by all your favourite pieces, put them all on! If you want to clash your colours, go for it! Jewellery is all about you and what you love, so make your look your own! But if you’re feeling a bit hesitant about how to wear colourful jewellery, we hope our tips help you take the plunge and bring a little bright and shiny to your next outfit. Don’t forget to tag us in what you’re wearing on Instagram @bowerbirdjewel

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