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Our jewellery is how we tell our story.

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At Bowerbird Jewels, we believe each piece of jewellery is a building block in showcasing your personal story. Maybe you’re purchasing a gorgeous piece to mark a moment in time, a moment of achievement or growth. Maybe it’s about creating a look that is uniquely yours and that symbolises exactly how you want to project yourself during this moment in time. Maybe you think about collecting pieces that your daughter will love wearing years from now, the same way that you loved pawing through the silk pouches of your mother’s jewellery drawer.

The collection of jewellery that we keep and continue to wear is how we tell our story. Pendants from far-flung places or pieces collected and stacked together over decades. Mixing the old and the new together to create something completely different and unique. The collection of jewellery that you curate and dedicate to year after year creates a look and a story that is uniquely yours.

These building blocks of your story, these fabulous jewellery pieces are worth celebrating. They’re worth sharing. They’re worth looking after! And they are absolutely worthy of being yours. 

Collect jewellery that MEANS something to you. Maybe its symbols that that have always resonated with you. Maybe it’s a thoughtful gift from a friend to mark your latest journey. Maybe it’s a modern take on the classic hoops your mum wore, and every time you wear them you think about how much you miss her. Choose pieces that make you feel GOOD in the moment, or help you to put on your brightest, most sparkly party pants and go and have FUN. Choose pieces that you would be sad to break or loose. Choose jewellery that marks a moment in time for you. 

A beautiful, significant collection of jewellery takes a lifetime to build, but it’s a task worth doing. They don’t all have to be as splashy as your engagement ring, but they do need to be something you love, and they do need to be made well to go the distance with you.

Share your story with us. What jewellery pieces resonate with you? What is it about certain designs that really makes you feel good when you wear them? What symbols do you love to wear? What does your collection of jewellery mean to you?

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