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Shift your state with Symbolic Jewellery

Shift your state with Symbolic Jewellery

The jewellery you choose to put on and the symbols you carry with you daily make an incredible difference to the way you perceive the world. 

If you're no longer feeling the new year spirit, we completely get it. We are all back in the slump of real life and dreaming of our next adventure, wherever that takes us, to give us a bit more lift and a bit more positivity.

The jewellery you choose to put on and the symbols you carry with you daily make an incredible difference to the way you perceive the world. Whether they're symbols of renewal or direction, or gemstones known to clear negativity or bring peace, jewellery is just the talisman you need to shift your state, move you forward and bring you into the light again.

We hope you find a symbol that resonates with you personally, that you can wear and take with you into your next season, no matter what it brings.



The Ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that means ‘life’ or ‘living’, and is also known as the Key of Life. This symbol was used extensively by Ancient Egyptians and was one of the most common amulets because of the Egyptians’ desire for eternal life after death. As the Ankh represented life in this world and the next, it is also a symbol of continuity. Whether subtle or dramatic, the Ankh is a positive symbol that encourages us to see and celebrate the beauty of life.

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Despite the ominous name and piercing blue gaze, the Evil Eye is well-known as a symbol of protection against bad luck. It specifically protects against malevolent and evil glares from other people (especially when someone is envious of you) and deflects the bad luck sent from such glares. The Evil Eye symbol dates all the way back to 6 B.C. in Ancient Greece and is still found today in many cultures in West Asia and the Mediterranean region.  

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The Eye of Horus was a key symbol in ancient Egyptian culture. Based on the famous mythology of Isis, Osiris and Horus, it represents restoration, healing and rebirth. Ancient Egyptians wore amulets with the Eye of Horus for protection and good health. This symbol has similar properties to the Evil Eye – protecting the wearer’s well-being by warding off evil spirits.

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For anyone that feels clouded by negativity, we recommend introducing Black Spinel into your life. This pitch-black stone has immense protective properties with strong grounding energy; it helps release negative emotions such as anger and resentment from your system. Black Spinel is also useful for empowerment and energy renewal, meaning it can help you assert confidence in all areas of your life.

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In ancient Egyptian mythology, Isis was the goddess of healing and magic. She was also worshipped as the divine life-giver and mother of Horus, one of the most powerful gods, and the divine life-giver. The Goddess Isis had an important role in ancient Egyptian beliefs and represented the maternal spirit in its purest form; she provided a reassuring presence and motherly protection for all.

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The compass is a classic navigational device with a significant impact on mankind’s history, as it made travelling and trading across the world much more reliable. The ability of a compass to forever point north is what makes it so symbolic. It provides a sense of comfort, safety and hope – especially if you are feeling conflicted or lost in life. The compass is also a symbol of new beginnings and can inspire you to forge your own unique path.   

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No matter whether you’re trying to showcase your beliefs, embody a better version of yourself, add a layer of protection or simply want to wear beautiful shapes, knowing the meaning behind the signs and symbols we wear daily can add a layer of comfort for anyone needing a little something extra right now. Shop the complete Bowerbirds Jewels collection on our website, wear the symbols that resonate with you proudly and bring your best self into this new season!

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