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The Beauty of Crystals

The Beauty of Crystals

From wearing them as ear candy to having them stacked around our homes or featured across our feed, we’ve found ourselves spending more time over the past few years collecting crystals and bringing their energy into our world.

It’s no secret that we are more than a little enamoured by crystals.

From wearing them as ear candy to having them stacked around our homes or featured across our feed, we’ve found ourselves spending more time over the past few years collecting crystals and bringing their energy into our world.


From drawing away negative energy, bringing healing energy or simply looking like beautiful artefacts gathered from across the globe, we love crystals in all their forms. Crystals are a fun and completely personalised way to help direct and influence energy towards you, and they are incredibly beautiful to look at! Crystals have been valued for their healing powers for thousands of years across almost all human cultures.


Crystals are so much more than just pretty rocks, we find them completely calming and soothing, perfect to have in your pocket, on your desk to hold during that difficult meeting, or as a focus for your daily meditation. Choosing the right crystal for you is a truly tactile experience – pick up those stones that appeal to you intuitively, right off the bat, hold them in your hand and see how it feels. It’s a truly personal choice as to what is speaking to you at this moment in your world.


Regardless of which crystal you choose, make sure you give it a bit of love when you first get it home by sitting it in a sunny spot or a spot drenched in the moonlight for a few hours. Then, take the time to set an intention for your crystal. Sit with it in your hands and think about the direction you’re wanting to go, whether that’s bringing more energy into your life, or cultivating more peace. Whether it’s a jewellery piece or a crystal for your home, you can then use it like a talisman. Use it to remind you of your intention, use it to fuel your behaviours, and use it to guide your thoughts and feelings moving forward.


So whether you want to wear your crystals, fill your home with them, or want to learn more about the meaning behind particular crystals and why you might be drawn to them, Bowerbird Jewels can help you!


This year we are bringing our BIGGEST range of crystals to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, inside the Fashion & Style Pavilion this 8-19 of April. With over 100 varieties in all shapes, sizes and colours, we are sure there is something special waiting for you at the Bowerbird Jewels Stand! We will of course also be bringing our signature range of sustainably sourced precious metal jewellery, so come and find your perfect fit with us at this year's Sydney Royal Easter Show!

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