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Why We Can’t Get Enough Gold

Why We Can’t Get Enough Gold

The soft and shiny lustre, the way it makes your skin look, and the way you feel when you wear it - we’ve been loving our gold-toned jewellery

New year, new you – right? This truly is the season of new year’s resolutions, and that can apply to every aspect of your life. Here at Bowerbird, we want you to have your most beautiful and stylish year in 2020, so here are the top 5 mistakes we want you to stop making to get you on the path to beautiful looks all year long.

1. Not cleaning your jewellery

    We could honestly talk about this until we were blue in the face, but there really is nothing worse than tarnished pendants, grubby rings and funky-smelling earrings (you know what we mean!). Cleaning your jewellery is an absolute must if you want it to last and if you want to look your best. We recommend as you head into Winter and into Summer just take a bit of time to clean all your jewellery with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to keep it looking shiny. If you’ve got more tarnish on your pieces, use a silver cloth to make them look sparkly and new. Either way, make sure you take the time – it’s important to the longevity of your pieces and will really make a difference to your style.

    2. Not being creative with your jewels

      Wearing the same pair of studs every day? Boooorrrrriiiinnnng! 2020 is your year to update your everyday wears with new pairs of stunning earrings and necklaces to give your look a fresh update. Change your earrings to match your outfit, change them based on the day of the week or put three different studs into rotation just for something different. Wear longer earrings to the office – why not?! Layer your necklaces and incorporate different metals for the weekends. Mix and match, layer and create a look that’s uniquely yours. The more beautiful jewels you own, the more you will want to wear them and the more you can shape your own style.

      3. Not storing your jewellery properly

      This is a HUGE problem for a lot of people. We have all been faced with a tangled chain or clawing through our jewellery box trying to find that butterfly back that seems to be escaping us. There are a few simple tricks here. Don’t store your jewellery in the bathroom, it will tarnish, and the humidity is no good for it. Keep matching pieces together – so put your earring backs on the right pair and keep the pair of earrings together. We recommend storing your Bowerbird Jewels pieces in the box they came in to keep them looking beautiful and well-maintained. Otherwise, a felt-lined box with plenty of room so your jewellery has enough space around it to prevent rubbing and scratching is the way to go.

      4. Shopping at cheap retail chain stores

      Not to name names or anything, but you’ve got to stop buying cheap jewellery that wrecks your clothes and is terrible ethically and sustainably. Buy the things you want from small businesses – they will absolutely appreciate it, and most small business owners are so conscious of the quality of the product they make that you’re sure to get the miles from your jewellery and not be throwing it away in a month’s time. Invest in beautiful, high-quality jewellery and it will pay you back 10 fold with quality and style.

      5. Not knowing your metals

      This may be the biggest change of all. This is the year to stop wearing cheap nickel earrings that make your ears itch after an hour or two’s wear. No more black neck from cheap chains, no more glass stones in your jewellery. This is the year to buy better quality pieces made from precious metals and genuine gemstones. You’re worth it, and your style will be instantly elevated with better quality jewellery.

      So, what is your style resolution for the year? Are you desperate to take better care of your jewels, or keen to push the boundaries with your style? We hope we have inspired you to make a resolution this year and stick to it – you’re making your best life in 2020 and we can’t wait to see how wonderful it will be!

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