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Why We Love Gold Jewellery

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The soft and shiny lustre. The way it makes your skin look and the way you feel when you wear it. We have been absolutely loving our gold-toned jewellery this summer and we know you have too – some of our most popular products this season have been gold.

But why do we love gold so much? And how do you make sure that it stays beautiful and shiny all summer long? Here’s the lowdown from the team at Bowerbird on why we love gold jewellery…

Gold is a wonderful thing. In its purest form, it doesn’t tarnish, doesn’t fade but instead gathers an incredible patina as it ages – particularly in jewellery. We love it all, from gold earrings to gold bracelets, gold rings and gold necklaces and we love to mix and match pieces, layer them and create a completely unique look.  But this is not your mother’s gold jewellery. We love gold jewellery because of how it makes you feel. Our big gold Dangling Disc Hoops give us a bit of a baller vibe and make us feel like Lizzo walking down the street; our fine minimalist gold jewellery pieces make us feel like we might actually have our lives together and feel more than a little bit fancy. It’s this ability to change our mood that really makes gold valuable, and it’s why we will take any opportunity to wear it in our jewellery.

Pure gold and high carat gold is very costly  That’s why we use solid sterling silver with a generous gold plate for our jewellery. We work with the durability and affordability of silver to create pieces that will last you more than a season  - unlike other cheap retail alternatives. But by plating our pieces, rather than offering them to you in pure gold, we are able to give you the look of gorgeous gold jewellery without the price tag. The look of yellow gold jewellery is one that won’t date, as people have been wearing it since as early as the Egyptians. You know a piece you buy today will last you for more than a season, unlike what you buy at cheap jewellery outlets.

The best thing you can do for your gold jewellery is look after it and treat it kindly – this is how you are going to get the best shine out of your pieces for years to come. Follow these simple care tips for gold jewellery –

  • Clean your jewellery regularly. This is the absolute best thing you can do for any jewellery you own, is to remove any dirt and grime from your skin immediately, keeping it bright and shiny. See our jewellery care guide on the blog.
  • Use an extra-soft toothbrush on gold jewellery. You don’t want to scratch or mark that shiny surface, so use a super soft toothbrush when cleaning your gold jewellery. A baby’s toothbrush or one that’s seen some time on your teeth is perfect.
  • Keep your gold jewellery separate. Don’t just dump it all into a pile with your silver and gemstone pieces – this will end up in damage, tarnish and tangled chains. Instead, keep your jewels in the box they came in or in a jewellery tray with plenty of room. Keep gold pieces together and silver pieces together in separate bowls if that’s your vibe.

Now is the season to get shiny with beautiful gold jewellery pieces from Bowerbird Jewels. Whether you’re keen on big hoops, fine rings or dainty pendants, we can help you find the gold jewellery pieces you’re craving for your Autumn and Winter wardrobe. Check out our range of gorgeous yellow gold jewellery here.

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