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Why you should invest in a jewellery box

Why you should invest in a jewellery box

Whether you’re a Marie-Kondo style freak or more of a “I’ll deal with it when I want to wear it” kind of fashionista, a jewellery box isn’t just so you can pull the perfect chain from the pile.

Whether you’re a Marie-Kondo style freak with all your jewels perfectly laid out in neat little rows, or more of a “I’ll deal with it when I want to wear it” kind of fashionista, a jewellery box isn’t just so you can pull the perfect chain from the pile without having to spend an hour detangling it - although, that’s a major plus!


Did you know that dumping all your jewellery together in one big pile can actually damage it? Not just dull its sparkle, although that will happen too, actually significantly damage the surface of your jewellery and gemstones. This becomes even WORSE when you travel, and your jewellery is bumping around in your suitcase or carry-on. Even the air all around you will tarnish your jewellery, so keeping your pieces safe and secure when you’re not wearing them is key to keeping them looking their best.


Jewellery boxes are designed to keep all your favourite sparkly pieces safe, categorised, and easy to find when you’re looking for the perfect piece to bring together your look. A jewellery box will keep your jewels dust-free, visible, and safe, ensuring that you wear them regularly, because you can see them, rather than your favourite pieces hiding in the bottom of a drawer or the bottom of your ring dish.


The kind of metal that your jewellery is made of makes a difference in whether it plays nicely with others. While we love mixing our metals and stacking, we know that sterling silver rings are going to scratch anything in rose gold or gold vermeil if they’re stored together in a big lump. Similarly, diamonds will scratch other gemstones in a collection, and gemstones can scratch the surface of your all-gold pieces if they’re just lumped together. You must look for a jewellery box with compartments and places to store each individual piece and each kind of piece. That’s why we developed our custom Bowerbird Jewels Luxe Velvet Jewellery Box. With room for fine chains, bracelets, plenty of rings, studs and hanging earrings, each piece in your collection has a SPACE inside this box. And best of all? It’s the perfect size to take away with you when you travel. It's compact, lightweight and distinctive in its powder blue shade, ensuring you won’t leave it in the hotel bathroom or on the counter at home as you pack.


NOW is the time to stop acting like your jewellery isn’t important (because we KNOW it is) and treat it with a bit of dignity and respect – get your hands on our Luxe Velvet Jewellery Box today and give your collection the care it deserves.

Shop the Bowerbird Luxe Velvet Jewellery Box here – and don’t forget! For every order over $100, use code ‘LUXE50’ to save 50% off the cost of our Luxe Velvet Jewellery Box! Grab some new jewels and the perfect place to store them all at the same time x

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