How To Care For Your Jewellery


Do not store jewellery items next to each other as this can cause scratching, damage stones and remove polish sooner. Keep jewellery in the soft, sturdy pouch or box provided with your piece in a moisture free environment to avoid tarnishing. Most importantly keep your jewellery locked away in a secure place.


Tarnish is a thin layer that builds up mainly in silver or rose gold over time. It is a reaction to the other metals used in the metal make up primarily copper, as it reacts with humidity and sulphur in the air. Tarnish is only a surface effect and it is easily wiped away with a few rubs of a silver or gold cloth which is impregnated with a fine polishing compound which will help keep your items shiny.


Chemicals such as beauty products, creams and hair spray can damage some gemstones. The residue will dull vibrant gemstones so make sure you remove your jewellery before applying these cosmetics. A soft toothbrush and warm water with a mild detergent used weekly, will make sure that any trapped dirt is removed. Make sure you put the plug in the sink when washing! Pat dry with a soft lint free cloth. 


Gemstones are measured your their hardness and graded from 1 to 10. While Diamonds are known for their superior hardness, other much softer gems such as Tanzanites and Emerald need to be treated with more care and saved for special occasions rather than everyday use. Pearls and Turquoise are very absorbent and they need to be kept away from all chemicals, lotions and beauty products. Keep them stored separately in their own pouch and wipe them over occasionally with a lint free cloth.


Remove your items before doing chores such as gardening, working out at the gym or using any abrasive household products. These activities will scratch and possibly damage your jewellery. Remove your items before showering as bath soaps can leave a residue, which will dull your gemstones.


Just like you go to the dentist for a check-up your jewellery also should be assessed frequently. Everyday wear and tear can loosen stones in settings and metal will dull down over time. It is a good idea to have these items checked at least once a year and get them professionally cleaned so they always look their best. Many items are fragile and handmade, so it’s a good idea to look after them as such. We suggest you do not wear your jewellery to bed to avoid tangling or pulling on chains which might cause breakages.