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HOW TO: Glam-up your hands with stacking rings

HOW TO: Glam-up your hands with stacking rings

So how do you make your stack your way? Here’s our top tips for creating completely unique and bespoke ring stacks.


One of the biggest jewellery trends from the past few years has been a more-is-more approach to fine jewellery. That’s included things like layering necklaces and our personal Bowerbird favourite, stacking rings.
Gone are the days of a single fine band or only wearing your engagement ring, instead now the look is in layering fine jewellery, costume jewellery, gemstones and more to create a completely custom look for your hands. Rings and hands tell the world a little bit about the journey you've been on. Don't be afraid to layer costume jewellery alongside your precious stones or wedding bands - they all show parts of who you are and where you're going!
So, how do you make your stack your way? Here’s our top tips for creating completely unique and bespoke ring stacks.

  1. Mix your styles

    From fine rings to chunky gemstones, simple bands to more detailed bands – mix up your styles. Pair our NEW Fine Silver Stacking ring with our much-loved Vine Ring + add a gemstone with our Silver Macle Ring to add some chunk to your stack. Don’t be restricted to only using fine rings in your stack, think outside the ring box. 

  2. Coordinate your colours

    When more is more, we suggest keeping your jewellery in either a tonal or complimenting colour palette to make sure that the pieces you’re layering for your look work together. Think about colour families – cool or warm tones work well together, so if you’re wearing multiple jewellery pieces, try to keep your colours in the same family. Think a mix of beautiful blue + green gemstones in silver for time spent by the sea, or the warmth of Yellow Moonstone in our Duo Ring paired with our new Irenic Beaded Stacking Ring.

  3. Mix your metals

    Mixed metals is one of the other big trends that’s been hanging around jewellery land for the past few years. Mix rose gold, yellow gold, and silver across your hands to create a truly unique look. If your focus is on mixed metals, think about more similar shapes – you can purchase the same style in a few metals from Bowerbird Jewels, so create a collection of fine rings in a range of metals that can be stacked together for a chic look.

  4. Slowly grow your collection

    The best thing about stacking rings is you don’t have to go out and buy the whole cow this minute. This trend is certainly sticking around! Buy a few styles, collect a range of pieces, and wear them year after year. Add a new ring and you can completely update the flavour of your stack in an instant, without breaking the bank.

Quick wins

Not sure about how to apply this trend to your wardrobe just yet? Here’s our quick wins for creating your own ring stacks.

  • Grab a number of fine styles, including our new Fine Silver Stacking Ring, Fine Gold Chevron Ring and Silver Dot Ring and wear them together.

  • Purchase 3 or 4 Gold Turtledove rings in different gemstones + metals and stack them together for a super shiny stack.

  • Go all out with a chunky ring stack. Choose gold metal + warm-coloured gemstones in our Duo Ring, Moonbow Ring and Leucos Ring to create a bold stack.

Not all rings have to be as splashy as your engagement ring, but they do need to be something you love, and they do need to be made well to go the distance with you.

When choosing stacking rings, look for shapes that really speak to you or gemstones that seem to follow you around. That’s a quick and easy way to guarantee you will still love the styles for years to come.
Shop our complete ring collection on the website + make sure you share pictures of your stack + tag us on social media @bowerbirdjewel

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