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It’s time to shake up your daily wear.

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We all have those pieces of jewellery that we automatically reach for time and time again. Maybe it’s a favourite pendant necklace that goes with you from work meeting, to a night with the girls, to zoom call, and then to a family catch up. The same necklace. Every damn day.

Maybe that’s your “everyday” earrings, simple studs that you just live in, that your kids aren’t going to grab at with their chubby fingers and try and pull out of your lobes. That you’ve been wearing almost constantly. For years. Top tip don’t look at the back of those studs, you’re going to be grossed out.

We get it. Sometimes, jewellery is effortless and simple and wonderful and that’s fantastic.

Sometimes fancy things and nice things might feel like they are for someone else. Someone who’s got their shit together a bit more. Someone who looks like they’ve got their life completely curated and pulled together in a perfect, monochrome Instagram feed.

Yeah, us neither.

We are challenging you to S H A K E . U P your daily wears. You can have that same effortless, easy jewellery that works for YOUR life, but switch it up every once in a while! It’s time to get out of the jewellery funk you’ve been in. So here are our top tips to shake up your jewellery.

  • Grab a couple of fine necklaces and layer them together for days when you’ve got Zoom calls.
  • Take one of those same fine necklaces and wear it proudly on its own when you next head into the office.
  • Buy a collection of stacking rings (3-5 is about ideal and think odd numbers!) and wear them in different combinations for different days of the week. 
  • Buy some big, outrageous earrings that are specifically for nights out with your girlfriends. Having special pieces that are for specific occasions can really make your mood on the night!
  • Choose one piece – just one – that you’ve always loved the look of but never been quite sure if you can pull it off. Buy it. This is your gift to yourself, a proof point that you can be whoever you want to be, on whatever day it is.


Bowerbird want to empower our Birds to be their brightest, boldest and most beautiful selves everyday. So go on – shake up your daily wears! What sparklies are you lusting after from our collection? We would love to know! Shop our complete collection here.

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