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Spoil Mum in Self Isolation

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Mother’s Day this year has really snuck up on us all, thanks to Corona Virus and Self Isolation. But that doesn’t mean she (or you for that matter!) is any less important right now, and now more than ever she probably needs someone to show her that she is important.

Whether the mum in your life is your own, someone else’s, your bestie or yourself, there are plenty of ways, even in isolation, to make someone’s day. Here are some of our favourites.


So many brands are now opening up their online shopping solutions and coming up with really creative solutions to allow us all to send a little gift. Jewellery shops online, like Bowerbird Jewels, can allow you to package a beautiful gift and get it to the main lady in your life quick smart. Speak to us and we can incorporate a custom note into your gift to let Mum know exactly how you feel about her. Can’t decide what she would like best? An online jewellery gift voucher might just be the best solution. That way, the Mum in your world can choose whatever piece she would like best.


Sometimes the best gift is truly a heart-felt one, regardless of the price tag. If you can get to your mum, why not drop off a breakfast-in-bed hamper for her, with fresh cooked deliciousness and video chat her and share breakfast together. Maybe you’ve got a new mum in your group of girlfriends and a personalised pendant necklace with her new bub’s initials would be a beautiful way to mark the start of this journey for her. Think outside the box – you don’t need to physically be with someone to show them how much you care.


Maybe it’s a home-made card that you physically post (who does that anymore!) to your mum to show her you’re thinking of her. Maybe it’s a cup of tea in bed if she’s living with you. Maybe it’s an hour-long video chat where you talk about ANYTHING other than being in self-isolation. Maybe it’s giving that special someone an hour to themselves, think about messaging the hubby to take the kids for an hour so she can have a bath alone and in peace. There are so many simple things we can do right now to give everyone a little solitude and a little normalcy and that is so appreciated, particularly during these times.

However you choose to someone, whether it's yourself, a dog-mum, a step-mum, an old mum, a new mum, a kinda-mum or the group mum, make sure they feel special this Mother’s Day. Bowerbird Jewels have just released a whole heap of new jewellery styles to make Mum feel special and more than a little shiny, even if the only person who can see her new earrings right now is her. Shop our complete range of gift-ready jewellery online.

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