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Why we love fine rings

Why we love fine rings

Whether it's one ring per finger, or a few fine rings clustered together, we love the ability of fine rings to make us feel put together in a truly bohemian way.

Much like fine necklaces and slimline gemstone bracelets before them, jewellery trends right now are all about creating your own completely unique look. Gone are the huge, dramatic statement necklaces of the early 2010’s, or the huge cocktail rings of the 2000’s and instead now we are all wearing layers of fine jewellery that tells a more personal story.


Fine rings allow us to layer their beautiful shapes and metals together to create stacks and looks that are all our own. Whether its one ring per finger or a few fine rings clustered together, we love the ability of fine rings to make us feel put together in a truly bohemian way.


There are a few do’s and don’ts for stacking your fine rings, so here’s what you need to know as we head into winter and your hands are truly the statement of the season.


DO mix your metals and layer gemstones you love.

DON’T feel pressured to have only one style of ring on your hand – mixing and matching is what fine rings are all about.

DO choose rings that you love and are going to last a lifetime – choosing better quality metals now means your favourite pieces will be with you for years to come.

DON’T stack good quality gold vermeil or gold filled jewellery next to cheap alloys – this will cause scratching on your favourite pieces.

DO stack the same weight of metal together – if you’ve got a good collection going of gold filled rings, buy more of those to wear together. They will cause less damage when they’re stacked together.


DON’T restrict yourself to the same stack every time – wear whatever you’re feeling on the day.


DO add a touch of colour and personality with gemstones.


DON’T only chose plain bands because they feel like they will go with anything – choose bands and rings with texture, colour and pattern to create a look that’s all your own.


Bowerbird Jewels stocks a huge range of fine rings, because we absolutely love the look of hands layered with different metals! If you’re loving your fine rings, click on any of the links throughout this post to take you to some of our favourite styles, or trawl through our range on the website to find something that totally resonates with you. We have additional fine ring styles available at our Market locations that aren’t listed on the website (sneaky!) so make sure you stop by one of our stalls – follow us on IG to see the list of locations each and every week x


  • Posted by Christine Macdonald on

    My silver Signet ring I bought in Exeter is going very well and looking Forward to getting It Initialled….

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